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Great Storm Galleries produces Lincoln busts and plaques in a variety of mediums and finishes. Our artisans in Vermont take great pride in creating museum quality reproductions worthy not only of the original art work, but also of the people whose likenesses we honor. Among our products you will find reproductions of Lincoln Busts by Leonard Volk, George Edwin Bissell, and Louis Mayer, as well as Lincoln Plaques by Charles Calverly and Victor David Brenner. We feature a collection of Lincoln life masks by Volk and Clark Mills, as well as Lincoln-themed lapel pins. Mark Twain plaques are also featured.

Because our Lincoln Busts and Plaques are hand crafted it may take a bit longer to complete your request…but we are confident you will be pleased with the results. We invite you to browse our selection of products, and please contact us should you have any additional questions or requests. Thank you.





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